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Hire a Cocktail Bartender Wellington



Once we book the Martini men- what happens next?


Once we have confirmed with you our booking, we get straight to work. We will collaborate with you to come up with a cocktail list and a run sheet for the night. Once the cocktails have been confirmed- we will give you a shopping list of all ingredients and alcohol required. We are experts in knowing how much you will require of each ingredient and we will ensure we make this as easy for you as possible. 


Are you available for hens parties and bucks nights?


Absolutely! We not only specialize in hens nights and stag dos – we are also available for birthdays, weddings and private events such as housewarmings, launch parties corporate events.


Do you supply the cocktail equipment?


Yes, we do! We bring all of our own cocktail stuff- including cocktail shakers, ice scoops, straws, measurers, muddlers, strainers, chopping boards, knives and stirring spoons. 


What are we expected to provide for you?


We are incredibly adaptable bartenders and can work with any space- but generally, we require a decent bench space or table at waist height and access to a sink. Also required are guests who are ready for a great time!


Can you supply the alcohol and ingredients?


Unfortunately, we cant. We cannot supply any alcohol to you as we do not have any of the relevant off licenses to provide alcohol for sale. We are offering a bartending service only.

Also by letting you do the shopping- it saves you money too!


Where do you suggest we do our shopping for the event?


These are our top picks for getting what you need.

- Alcohol: Whisky and More - they have the best prices around and they deliver.

- Ice: Ice Rescue - they're the best in town and will deliver right to your door.

- Glassware: Hiremaster - have everything you could possibly need.

- Cups & Straws: Innocent packaging - these guys make amazing sustainable products

- How about a personal Chef to elevate your evening? Chef Sam Pope is the one.


How long can we book you for?


We only accept bookings by the hour- minimum of 2 hours. We recommend 3 hours for 15 or more people, this means everyone will get a fair amount of cocktails each and no rushing needed.


How many people can we hire you for?


We recommend one bartender for up to 25 people. If you need more bartenders, we can work something out - just get in touch!


How many cocktails will you make?


We recommend having 4-5 cocktails on offer for the night. That way your guests won't get swamped with choice. We recommend choosing classic cocktails such as Mojito, Cosmopolitans, Falling Water, Rosebud etc so they are recognisable cocktails that your guests will love!


Will you serve beers and wine too?


Of course! Any beverages supplied by you will be gladly poured by the Martini Men!



We love what we do and we hope to work with you soon!

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