Professional Bartenders at your service.

Martini Men is a premium bartender hire service that is second to none. Hiring Martini Men is a great way to add that special something to your next party!

How many times have you organised a get-together, only to end up spending the whole night running around making sure everyone has a drink?

Not anymore! The Martini Men are here to save the day! They will “shake and make” delicious drinks for your guests, all whilst chatting away and making everyone feel at ease.

With extensive hospitality experience and cocktail creation genius, our team will work with you to come up with a plan that will blow the socks off your guests.

What will Martini Men do for you?

- Work with you to create a great cocktail/drinks list

- Help you put together an event run sheet

- Provide you with a shopping list for the event

- Bring all of the cocktail shakers and gear

- Provide a high-end service that incorporates over 20 years of hospitality experience

- We can even provide industry contacts to supply you with the best hire rates for glassware, ice and alcohol

The Martini men are here to make things easy for you and get your party rocking in no time!
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Jane Hedgar 
reviewed Martini Men — 5 stars

April 8th   

"Fantastic team! The service was impeccable. The two men ran the food and drinks with speed, precision, good humour and great smiles. They behaved as if they were hosting and it was their home - such personal attention to detail. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone. Thanks again!"

David Larochelle 
reviewed  Martini Men — 5 stars

April 2018  

" Great guy's! Amazing service, top-notch cocktails. Totally recommend!"

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